Diamond Earrings & Gemstone Earrings


A selection of the diamond earrings and gemstone earrings from James Durbin Jewelry.

Both diamond and gemstone earrings make wonderful gifts, and you can find a beautiful selection of both at James Durbin Jewelry Design. Choose from hand-constructed "trellis" earrings made by Janet Scherrer or uniquely textured earrings made from mixed metals with colored and white diamonds by Roger Rimel. Of course, the selection doesn't stop there.  Traditional Diamond Studs and simple hoops also make up the large selection of distinctive earrings awaiting you at James Durbin’s in St. Louis.


Diamond earrings made by Janet Scherrer as part of her Trellis Collection. Unique Diamond earrings and gemstone earrings can be found here. Diamond and gemstone earrings are a specialty at James Durbin.